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Modern Nordic Style Creative Portrait Vase Human Head Decorative Ornaments Resin David Medici Venus Vase Home Decoration


  • Resin plaster imitation effects production, the material hard, though still fragile, but not as brittle as gypsum.
  • The design of this product is novel, the head of the character is regarded as a flower pot, and all of them are full of artistic sense.
  • The flower vase can be used to plant artificial flowers or to plant succulents. The bottom is sealed and there is no hole. If you need a hole, you can drill it by hand.
  • Resin material, the surface is relatively smooth and delicate, much better than ordinary gypsum.
  • In addition to decoration, it can also be used as a vase, makeup brush storage box, pen holder, etc., and can also be copied in artwork
  • Great classical works, perfect gifts for any holidays or occasions, complementing the most traditional desks and shelves.
  • A good gift for decorating rooms, offices and other places you want for children and adults.

Height: 15.5cm

Package Include
1 x Resin Vase Ornaments

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