Nordic Style Metal Wall Mount Candle Holder Geometric Round Candlestick Potted Plant Flower Bonsai Holder Craft Wedding Decor

Color: Black
Style: A
Sale price$29.99


Metal Candle Holder Geometric Round Candlestick Wall Mounted Crafts Wedding Table Home Decoration  
  • 1. Simple design of BO wall candlestick, simple atmosphere, elegant.
  •  Curved candle holder fixing line,integrated mold forming.
  • The candle holder is fixed and suspended in the air,exquisite and lovely. When used with the large candlestick, the wall is based on simple decoration.

  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 185*185*100mm/7.3*7.3*3.9in, 290*290*100mm/11.4*11.4*3.9in, 290*290*100mm/11.4*11.4*3.9in, 290*290*100mm/11.4*11.4*3.9in
  • Weight: 100g, 170g, 170g, 170g
  • Pattern/Model: Black Short candlestick 18.5cm, Black Short candlestick 29cm, Black Long candlestick 29cm, Black Flower terrace 29cm
  • Instruction:
  • Product match with two gold decorative nails of only 2mm, can be easily installed with a small hammer, beautiful and does not harm the wall

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